Schematic Capture and PCB Layout with Altium Designer


Design great circuit boards in house. Save money and drastically improve your agility and time to market. Learn exceptional, documented processes to help you produce error-free boards. Understand the difference between “just doing a PCB” and actually engineering a circuit board solution as an integral part of the design process. Participants capture and route a working variable power supply that can later be populated and used on your bench. Instruction starts with library development, schematic symbol creation and PCB land pattern design with emphasis on best practices and maximizing efficiency while minimizing errors. The core concepts of PCB layout and routing are then covered as components are placed and connected with extensive coverage of powerful features of Altium to drastically improve layout speed, accuracy, and quality. Bill of materials generation, supply chain and production considerations, and comprehensive release processes to find problems before submission are covered. All schematic and PCB work is completed in Altium Designer.


Strong Windows PC skills and engineering/technologist training in circuit theory.


4 days

Class Size



Developed in-class



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Attention Employers – you may be eligible to receive up to two-thirds of the tuition for this training for your employee through the new Canada Job Grant. The grant is a cost-sharing program that encourages employers to invest in training for new or current employees. Visit Employment and Social Development site for more information. We will also provide assistance with the Canada Job Grant application.


Vipin Bakshi, 4iiii Innovations:

I was fortunate to take this course when it was first offered in the summer of 2012. This has to be the most valuable course that has complemented my embedded systems repertoire. Through this course, I have garnered the ability to rapidly prototype designs from concept to production. In addition, this course is taught with the industry and efficiency in mind through the creator’s many years of experience in the field. I highly recommend this to any aspiring Hardware and FW engineers who may be interested in learning the intricate and leading edge HW design philosophies to assist you in your professional endeavors. Definitely helped me to get kickstarted with Altium.

Cameron Smith:

I took this course as a recent graduate from UVic. This is like a complete university course and lab squeezed into a single week except with more feedback and less sleeping through boring lectures. The instruction is hands on and intimate, meaning you don’t wait for assistance or guidance. The curriculum covers all the information you need to go from never designing a PCB to a practiced digital circuit designer. The notes are also an exceptional reference for later use and something most designers will use over and over.
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