Training & Courses

Engenuics offers a variety of courses covering embedded systems hardware, firmware and software.  Classes are specific, intense, and you will come away with new skills you can directly apply to your work.

Junior High STEM Summer Camps

Learn engineering and programming without even knowing you’re doing it! Build a mini-robot with basic circuit components, solder your very own circuit board, program your own battleship game, and film yourself from 100ft in the sky with a drone.
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Attention Employers – you may be eligible to receive up to two-thirds of the tuition for this training for your employee through the new Canada Job Grant. The grant is a cost-sharing program that encourages employers to invest in training for new or current employees. Visit Employment and Social Development Canada site for more information. We will also provide assistance with the Canada Job Grant application.

Soldering and PCB Rework

Are you an embedded systems engineer or recent graduate who has never soldered before or do you want to improve your soldering skills? This is the course for you! Soldering is an extremely valuable skill as it allows you to populate prototypes by hand and iron out any design or placement issues prior to production. This can save a lot of time and money.
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Embedded Systems Boot Camp

An essential course for new grads entering embedded systems and industry professionals who want a refresher. This course looks at the fundamentals of hardware and firmware in embedded design and focuses on the relationship between the two. Approaching embedded design with this knowledge and perspective will enable creation of the best designs possible, with less trial and error regardless of whether your work focuses on firmware or hardware.
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Schematic Capture and PCB Layout with Altium Designer

Two of the most essential skills for hardware engineers are the design of schematics and printed circuit boards (PCBs). Developing those skills among employees or bringing those skills to a job adds valuable agility to your design process and saves substantial costs. This course offers an extremely unique experience where participants not only design a PCB, but also have the option to submit it for fabrication at the end of the week.
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LabVIEW Level 1

LabVIEW is a widespread system-design platform that is particularly useful for creating production software and virtual testing environments. Programmers can easily develop graphical user interfaces and the software is particularly strong for serial and GPIB instrument communication.
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Intrinsically Safe Design

Intrinsically Safe (IS) hardware design and certification to hazardous location standards for US, Europe and the rest of the world is an extremely challenging, time intensive and expensive process. Even the smallest oversight or design error can cost tens of thousands of dollars in lost certification fees and months of time waiting, fixing, and resubmitting a design.
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