Universal Serial to USB with UART Breakout


UART / RS232 serial remains an important debugging and communication interface for embedded systems and products. Accessing serial data via a PC terminal for testing and debugging is often essential for developers.

Serial to USB converters are now common but most are consumer grade and limited to RS232 to USB through either a male or female DB9 connector. In many cases, a gender changer or straightthru / null modem cable is required to achieve the correct signaling. Valuable time can be wasted by not having the appropriate connector or inadvertently using the wrong connection.

The Engenuics OEM USB to Serial converter simultaneously addresses all of those issues. RS232 connection of either gender or cable type can be used immediately by plugging in to either male or female DB9 connector and adjusting the toggle switch for straightthru or null modem connections (lines 2 and 3 are crossconnected). Level translation is provided on board. Direct UART to USB conversion is also supported using the standard 0.100” header to access Tx, Rx, RTS, CTS, VCC and GND

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Universal Serial to USB with UART Breakout


  • Buspowered developergrade USB to RS232 / UART converter
  • Male or female DB9 serial cable connection eliminates need for gender changers
  • Straightthru / null modem connection type selector switch (crosses Tx / Rx only) enables universal connection and simple guessandtest debugging on cable configuration
  • Builtin RS232 to CMOS level translation to/from DB9 contacts
  • FTDI USB to serial chipset supports data rates up to 115.2kbps
  • Included Micro B to USB A cable for PC connection; detachable for custom length or termination requirements
  • Green transmit (Tx to target) and yellow receive (Rx from target) activity LEDs
  • Blue power LED
  • Includes hardware flow control signal conversion (RTS/CTS)
  • Onboard ESD protection
  • Breakout header for signal investigation or direct UART (3.3V CMOS) connection; can also be used for CMOS to RS232 signal conversion


  • Engineering development and test
  • Production test and verification
  • Consumer RS232 to UART serial conversion
  • UART signal breakout

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