Dual Port USB-to-Serial Sniffer

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The dual port serial sniffer is an integrated, ultraconvenient way to inspect UART lines in an embedded system. The device offers two channels for Tx/Rx communication directly to MCUs or UARTcable modules. Having two ports allows just the receivers to be used to unobtrusively attach to Tx and Rx lines on the target to monitor traffic. Reliable FTDI drivers facilitate simple connection to terminal programs in Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems. Each channel will appear as a separate COM port and can thus be individually configured for different data rates and monitored and/or logged in separate terminal windows. Target hardware requires only test points for access, and any custom connectors can easily be attached to the available headers.

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Dual Port USB-to-Serial Sniffer


  • Dual channel UART to RS232 conversion over USB CDC (FTDI chipset)
  • Two discrete channels to ensure maximum signal isolation, independent configuration, and optional connection to two separate monitoring devices.
  • Multiple target connection options available via female springterminal blocks or 0.100” header
  • USB buspowered
  • On board ESD protection
  • Power LEDs (blue) to indicate bus power
  • Diodeisolated power input allows safe connection of different USB hosts
  • Data Tx and Rx indicator LEDs for fast visual check of proper operation and data flow on each channel


  • Engineering development and testing
  • Production test and monitoring
  • Direct interfacing to UART devices via PC terminal software

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    What a lifesaver. I have given away my home-made sniffers. I’m sure the two separate USB ports will come in handy some day.

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