ARM/MSP 430 Tag-Connect Adapter With Dual USB-to-Serial

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The JTAG/debug adapter for ARM/MSP430 is a featurerich multimode programming and debugging adapter for embedded systems. Used with a standard J-Link or MSP-FET, the device offers three options to connect to your target without requiring expensive and/or large headers on the target device. Dual USB to serial converters can be used in conjunction with the programmer or standalone.

The Engenuics JTAG14 connection uses a 0.050” pitch 2X7 SMT connector. All JTAG /SWD signals are available along with two UART Tx/Rx pairs and a system tick input. Dual FTDI USBtoSerial converters connect through to the target to access UART debugging with or without JTAG.

A TagConnect 10pin header enables the same TC2050IDC cable to connect to ARM or MSP430 targets. Two unused lines are used to bring out one UART Tx/Rx pair for serial debugging.

For ARM devices supporting twoline SWD programming, the adapter has a USB A connector with repurposed Dand D+ lines to connect to the target using a standard USB connector.

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ARM/MSP 430 Tag-Connect Adapter With Dual USB-to-Serial


  • J‐Link (ARM) and MSP‐FET (MSP430) programmer connection to three possible target device connectors: Engenuics open‐source 14‐pin JTAG/SWD/Debug connector, Tag‐Connect TC‐2050‐IDC, and SWD using USB connector
  • Dual UART debugging channels via two separate FTDI USB‐to‐serial chips for complete configuration and isolation of channels
  • Onboard power regulation with USB or JTAG input to 3.3V LDO
  • Optional target power 5V, 3.3V or none via jumper selection
  • Onboard device Reset button with optional jumper connection to target
  • Board power target LEDs showing USB1, USB2 and/or JTAG power
  • Target power LEDs indicating 5V, 3.3V or no supplied power
  • Supplied Altium Schematic and PCB library with target board connectors


  • JTAG programming and debugging for development boards or production devices
  • UART to RS232 converter to monitor or control serial interfaces

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Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 in

2 reviews for ARM/MSP 430 Tag-Connect Adapter With Dual USB-to-Serial

  1. Rated 2 out of 5


    Cables are nasty and not flexible at all.
    PCB is of good quality but there is a design flaw in terms of mounting holes.
    Couldn’t believe it but you cannot mount it anywhere so the PCB is floating around always.
    PC cannot install drivers at all. No drivers found on website.
    Conlusion: Product looks somehow homebrew. Cannot recommend it for the price.

    • Jason Long

      Hi Wolf,
      We’re very sorry to hear you’re not satisfied with the programmer. We’ll double check the USB cables that shipped – you’re the first to have that comment. We’ve used this product for years on our desks and in our use case which is typically sitting on top of our target, we honestly never even considered mounting holes. But you can bet the next version will have them thanks to your feedback. The datasheet mentions the drivers, but we’ve also added a link that absolutely should have been on the page – our apologies.

      We hope that with the drivers installed and using the device for a little longer that your opinion ends up improving. Thank you for your comments!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Product!

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