Universal Serial Cable Gender Changer


The serial gender changer is a simple and quick way to extend a serial cable, change a cable's gender and/or switch between null modem and straightthrough connection. The device requires no external power supply or any user configuration beyond selecting if Tx and Rx lines are crossed.

This universal piece of hardware is an invaluable time saver. Now any serial cable can be used for any hardware application with a quick way to determine null modem / straightthrough type by simply toggling the switch.

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Universal Serial Cable Gender Changer


  • Universal serial cable (9 pin) gender changer
  • Two male DB9 connectors and 2 female DB9 connectors allow any combination of gender changing or cable extension
  • DPDT selector switch for configuring or reversing straight through vs. null modem connection (swaps Tx and Rx lines)
  • Pimple color coding to identify input vs. output ports
  • Pin breakout with standard 0.100” spaced test points for easy test access


  • Gender changer
  • Cable pairing/extension
  • Cable connection modification
  • Debugging

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Additional information

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