Blinky RGB (assembled)


Blinky RGB makes an attractive ornament, key chain, or LED enhancement for clothing, posters, name tags or display cases. The board is preprogrammed with three blinking modes and a lowpower off state. At roughly 1mA per LED, the battery will last about 1 day if fully on, 1 week in sequential mode, and 1 year in burst mode.

The Blinky RGB board is a relatively simple example of PCB design and a basic display of microprocessor functionality. Its initial purpose was a design project for students to learn about PCB design using Engenuics' free online Altium Design tutorial. By popular demand, we made this finished Blinky available and upgraded it to use hard-wired RGB LEDs so you can customize the colours. By default the lights appear white, but you may remove resistors to make any LED red, green, blue, purple, yellow, or cyan. Removing the LEDs requires a soldering iron and some basic skills (or leave us a note in your order and we will configure it for you). The LED colors are NOT changeable in firmware.

Programming the board is accomplished with an MSPFET programmer and the Engenuics JTAG/Debug adapter for ARM/MSP430.

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Blinky RGB (assembled)


  • MSP430 F2122 microcontroller, 4kB flash, 512B RAM, internal 12kHz very low power oscillator
  • 8 ultra bright RGB LEDs with output colour customizable with resistor selection
  • One button input for mode selection
  • Three standard display modes: (constant, clockwise sequential, fast pulse
  • CR2032 3V coin cell battery
  • Engenuics 14 pin target interface for JLink programming/debugging (requires MSP430FET programmer) and adapter board
  • Fully documented firmware library and open source training modules via Engenuics MPGTM program


  • Introduction to PCB design projects
  • Lowcost visibility enhancement for displays or people
  • Introduction to firmware education
  • Keychain/pocket light
  • Ornaments, toys and games

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 5 x 2 in


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