The ANT/BLE RGB beacon is designed for engineers looking to develop with ANT+ or BLE 2.4GHz radio protocols. It features a fully programmable Nordic nRF51422 System On Chip which allows developers fully access to the ARM Cortex‐M0 core to use it standalone, or add ANT+, BLE or concurrent ANT+ and BLE firmware stacks.

An ultra low power LIS2DH 3‐axis accelerometer adds acceleration data and the nRF51422 includes a built‐in temperature sensor. The sensor port supplies GND, two dedicated digital IOs, and one configurable digital IO/Vcc line. All segments in the eight RGB LED array are direct‐driven to minimize driver complexity and allow glitch‐less persistence of vision (PoV) applications.


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  • NRF51422 ANT+/BLE/Cortex‐M0 SoC with 256kB flash, 16kB RAM; 16MHz crystal and PCB antenna
  • LIS2DH 3‐axis “femto” accelerometer with freefall and motion detection, temperature sensor, and 2μA low power mode
  • Built‐in temperature sensor
  • J‐Link SWD programming connection via Engenuics Hacked USB
  • 3.0‐3.3V operation via CR2032 battery or through USB connection (3.3V in)
  • 8 ultra bright RGB LEDs with dedicated output pins for all segments (no multiplexing required)
  • Fully documented firmware library
  • External digital interface port to connect to sensors or provide digital control
  • Four tooling holes


  • BLE or ANT+ beacons
  • Personal Area Networks (PANs)
  • Persistence of vision (POV) imagery
  • Education and development training
  • Acceleration tracking and reporting
  • Item Finder

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