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The ANTTACTOE board is a fun and simple way to hone your soldering skills and get familiar with the ultra low power communication protocols of ANT and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE / Bluetooth SMART).

Get started with basic code examples that run locally on the board, then learn how to interact with other boards or a smart phone application. The board supports boardto-board game play through ANT and board-tosmart phone connectivity through BLE.

The board is powered by two 3V CR2032 coin cell batteries or by line power through the USB connector. The USB data lines are used for an SWD connection to the nRF51422 processor for programming and debugging. Any JLink that supports SWD interface can be used. Segger JLink EDU and 20pin to SWD through USB connector adapters are available from Engenuics.

The specific implementation of ANTTACTOE firmware is up to the students, however, example and source firmware is open source and complimented by full documentation and training material. This provides an excellent reference for experienced developers and a simplified step by step guide for hobbyists and developers new to ultra low power radios.

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ANT Tac Toe


  • nRF51422 ANT+/BLE/CortexM0 SoC with 256kB flash, 16kB RAM; 16MHz crystal and PCB antenna
  • JLink SWD programming connection via “Hacked” USB connector
  • 5V supply via USB with builtin 3V LDO
  • Dual onboard CR2032 batteries
  • Piezoelectric buzzer
  • Top side parts unpopulated: 18 discrete LEDs , 9 buttons
  • Bottom side parts machinepopulated
  • Fully documented firmware library and open source training modules via Engenuics MPG™ program


  • Education and training for working with ANT/BLE
  • Crossplatform communication practice
  • Wired or wireless keypad
  • Toys and games
  • nRF51422 development board

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Additional information

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