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Engenuics Technologies specializes in Intrinsically Safe electrical design engineering and training. We also offer design and training services for consumer and commercial electronics product development.

Electronic Hardware Design

Intrinsic Safety

Electronics certified to IEC 60079-0 / 60079-11 (US UL 913, Canada CSA 22.2 No. 60079, IECEx, ATEX). We specialize in Class I Div 1 / Class I Zone 0 portable and fixed devices.


We have extensive experience with 8-bit (PIC), 16-bit (MSP430), and 32-bit (Cortex M0/M3/M4) programming. Keeping firmware and hardware development together provides significant efficiencies during the development process.

Commercial & Consumer

Engenuics will help you turn your ideas into products with professional hardware engineering including design, schematic capture, and PCB layout. 

Mechanical / Industrial Design

Engenuics has trusted partners we work with who can provide mechanical hardware design and engineering services for your product.

Hazardous Location Certification Support

Taking a product through Hazloc certification can be daunting.  Engenuics can help your team understand and navigate the process.  From selecting an agency, preparing documentation, working with reviewers, and responding to findings, our experience will help you find success.

We can also help with requirements definition, design reviews, and as-needed assistance to answer questions or make suggestions on design, schematics, and PCB layout for your Hazloc devices.

Training Services

Intrinsic Safety Hardware Design

Give your engineering team the skills and knowledge they need to successfully design and certify electronics for hazardous locations.  The course captures over 20 years of Intrinsically Safe hardware design experience and features:

  • Detailed exploration and interpretation of the IEC 60079-0 and 60079-11 standards
  • Extensive examples and explanation about critical components and how to balance the contradictory requirements of good electrical design vs. good hazloc design
  • Emphasis on design process and documentation that will maximize your success


The IS Hardware design course is currently offered in person or through our partners at EMC Fastpass.

Altium Designer

Engenuics has used Altium for schematic capture and PCB layout since it was Protel over 20 years ago.  We have three courses available:

  1. Altium Beginner: a free crash course to discover the basics of schematic capture and PCB layout.  DOWNLOAD THE COURSE PACKAGE HERE.
  2. Altium University: coming soon! Designed for university engineering students, this 20-hour course offers more depth in explanation as participants create an embedded system design.
  3. Altium Industry: coming soon! A week-long, process-centered course for engineers who will use Altium for product development.

Embedded Systems

To us, “Embedded Systems Development” covers not just hardware and firmware, but encompasses the full design process from concept through to production.  Engenuics has specialized in Embedded Systems Development and has been providing training and support since early 2002.  We literally wrote the book on it!  Our Embedded in Embedded program has worked with schools across Canada and even in China providing free training because we love working with people and sharing our passion for engineering.

Client Testimonials

“With close to 30 years of experience in electronic design, most courses I attend bring me usually below 40% of new learning. In this course, it is more than 90% of new stock for me. I really feel it worth the value I paid in this case."
Jacques Marcotte
Engineer, ABB Inc.
"The course already helped me a lot with an initial assessment for quotation for a new project.“
Corné Voogt
Electronics Design Engineer, Neways Electronics
“... I think I’ve gotten more out of the first couple hours of this course than I did in the two days at [an FM] course.”
Eric Holland
Innovation Engineer, Avery-Weigh Tronix


Yes! We monitor updates to the standards and continually bring in what we learn from our daily design and certification activities to ensure you have the latest information.

Our Principal Intrinsic Safety designer is a licensed Professional Engineer and holds a Masters in Electrical Engineer with specialization in Engineering Education.  He has been designing and teaching for over 20 years. 

Absolutely!  We love working with new clients on any hardware product, though our specialty is Intrinsic Safety.  We also provide firmware development services to compliment embedded hardware design.

We are not aware of any contract designers who offer both design and training services like Engenuics.  When we work with your team, our mission is to ensure that your team understands and develops the skills necessary to work independently.  We not only share our technical expertise, but communicate our processes and strive to foster relationships with your team and the agencies that we will work with.  There’s a lot to learn, but you won’t get anywhere without people.

If you have a group of 4 or more people we can definitely arrange in-person training.  This works very well as specific questions and needs can be addressed in real-time.  We also love to meet new people who we can help!

Engenuics has a 100% success record in Hazloc certifications, but it’s never easy and very rarely do we get it perfect every time.  Our goal on any product is to get minor findings after the first review that can be corrected without major re-design.

With any new skill, it takes practice to hone and apply those skills.  We have found that an experienced set of eyes looking over your shoulder through your first design really helps to understand how to apply the course material to your specific product.  Engenuics can offer further support during product development to help you master your skills.

If you have more than 3 people looking to take a course, please contact us for a quotation.

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