Summer Camps Empower Youth and Encourage Diversity in Tech

Gender equality is a hot topic in the tech sector with companies, organizations, and government getting behind the Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) movement. Engenuics, a young tech company in Victoria, is participating by pushing the scope of the dialogue. Women and other gender identities are underrepresented, but so are people from diverse […]

Engenuics creates teaching platform for embedded systems world

Engenuics specializes in embedded systems hardware and firmware development and training. The company strives to deliver ultra-high end training and shift the perception of industry training from low value to a must-have service. The foundation of its training services comes from a university program that was launched over 15 years ago and continues today in […]

Engenuics – Tectorian of the Week

Just after the “Y2K” frenzy at the millennium mark, Jason (Founder and President of Engenuics), began trying to learn what wasn’t being taught in electrical engineering programs; the exciting, practical, hands-on stuff. He decided to start teaching for free in Calgary to peers as a way to be accountable so he couldn’t throw in the […]

Jason Long Talks About The MPG Extracurricular Embedded Systems Program

Learning electrical or computer engineering is not an easy chore and challenges abound when it comes to hardware and learning how to use and design it. In Canada, they developed the MPG extracurricular embedded systems program for use in universities across Canada. The hardware is available from Engenuics that also fosters the training materials. I spoke with […]

Q&A: Embedded Systems Training Expert

Professional engineer Jason Long worked as an embedded systems designer for more than a decade. In 2010 he founded Engenuics Technologies. Jason lives in Victoria, BC, where he continues growing his company alongside the MicroProcessor Group (MPG) embedded systems hardware teaching program he developed in 2000. MPG started way back in 2000 at the University […]

Jason Long decodes the human side of electrical engineering

If you ask Jason Long, BSc’02, about the most important thing he learned at the Schulich School of Engineering’s electrical and computer engineering program, he will eventually talk about coding and embedded systems.  But the first thing he’ll talk about is people. Learning the importance of relationship building began when Long was a student back […]

ANT program trains tomorrow’s engineers

Back in 2000, Jason Long, P. Eng, then an electrical engineering student at the University of Calgary, underwent an epiphany. He’d just been handed an 8-bit microcontroller by a fellow member of an electronics club––one which been set up by the students themselves to provide some practical experience in electronics––and was shown the basics of […]

PK Sound Teams Up With the Tech Community to Build Better Solderers’

An engineer can’t be an engineer, without a sweet soldering works station. So, the talented engineers from our R&D department, otherwise known as the nerd lab, decided to support some aspiring engineers in the MPG program. MPG started 13 years ago at the University of Calgary with the goal to get some practical skills in […]

Nordic Semiconductor Supports Canadian University Embedded Program with Large Donation of ANT+ Chips

The program is run by a non-profit educational group called MPG (MicroProcessinG) that runs extracurricular university student programs designed to compliment electrical and computer engineering curriculums. MPG says it focuses on developing genuine hands-on, professional engineering-grade knowledge and experience, and thanks to generous industry support and thousands of hours of volunteer time, its programs are […]

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