MPG for Students

One of the most common concerns expressed by new engineering graduates is that they won’t have practical skills when they graduate; one of the most common concerns from industry is that engineering graduates don’t have practical skills when they graduate! Engineering schools do an amazing job at teaching you to think and allowing you to sample the full spectrum of your discipline, however, mass education simply cannot do niche training. Fortunately, you can through MPG. Even after your first year of university when most students select their discipline, you probably know what you are really interested in. If that interest has anything to do with microcontrollers, then you need MPG.

Hands-on experience is the essence of MPG. Development boards are custom-designed for the course. They are extremely versatile and can be used for many applications including connection to Arduino Shields and Engenuics Blades via the daughter board interface. Both boards use a powerful Cortex-M3 microcontroller from Atmel (SAM3U2C), have Nordic nRF51422 ANT+/BLE radio/Cortex-M0 processors, and include an onboard J-Link for full programming and debugging. The dev boards are the only cost for MPG.

A free version of the IAR development environment / compiler are used. All course material is open source and available online. Support is available through the MPG forum. This means that anyone can learn with MPG individually or in a group.

If you are signing up for an MPG program at your local university, please download this SIGN-UP SHEET. The form should be filled out and handed into the MPG Leader for your program. Please follow the instructions on the second half of the form. All of this is for our records and to help the program grow — you are in no way committed to anything!

While you are building all those technical skills, winning competitions and bursaries, and expanding your network, the MPG program is working hard for you. Our “Industry-Student Connection Program” (ISCP) connects you with industry from your 2nd year until the day you put on the iron ring.


The ISCP gives you the opportunity to essentially work with a company for nearly FOUR YEARS during your undergrad. It creates 4-month jobs for 2nd year students (or schools with 4-month co-op terms) and lets you hit the ground running for your work terms. Your Capstone project will be infinitely more useful. If you still love those MCUs when you graduate, you will probably already have a job and you will have a ton of experience to leverage a better salary.

Lastly, we want to grow our student leadership and are introducing a leadership bursary program. Get a successful MPG program going at your school; we’ll give you cash. Of course, there are rules and requirements to this program! Can you do it? Absolutely. MPG first started as a student-led group without any resources. Now it is an established program with everything at your fingertips – all it takes is initiative. Please contact for more information about any part of MPG.