MPG for Schools

Engineering schools do an amazing job of developing the minds of students and allowing those students to sample the full spectrum of opportunities in their discipline. The theory, problem-solving, and fundamentals taught are essential to creating the skilled engineers of tomorrow. Above all, the relationships, that students build with professors and their peers, are immensely important and can lead to life-long collaboration and friendship.

MPG is an extracurricular program featuring hands-on learning of hardware and firmware development from an industry perspective. It has been running for 14 consecutive years. The goal of MPG is to compliment the ECE curriculum, enhance student’s understanding and perception of value from core courses, and bring about an excitement to learning by connecting the classroom to industry. It is a mentoring initiative where industry professionals and alumni volunteer their time to bring knowledge and resources back onto campus.

MPG is nearly entirely autonomous requiring no money from the university and very little human resources. The vision of MPG is to not only entice students into the ECE program, but also guide and support them through their entire degree and beyond. MPG finds the individuals who are truly passionate about embedded systems, and provides a niche, hands-on experience. MPG can quickly change with new technology or just with the volunteers who are running the program at any given time. A lot of stories get told in MPG, and students are truly inspired by the volunteers who share their time to give back to the community. Students are also inspired to step up and volunteer back into the program after they graduate, creating an amazing, self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits the school, its students, and professionals.

There are great advantages to having a link between the academic world and industry, and we recognize it is a link that we must carefully manage and respect. MPG offers connection but also separation between these two very different groups. It is self-governing as every stakeholder has accountability to others with equal investment of time and equal benefit of skill development. Engenuics places extreme value on the privilege of operating MPG and we believe it results in better graduates with more rounded experience, hands-on technical knowledge that the industry craves, and essential leadership and communication skills.

We would be delighted to give an in-depth presentation to any ECE department to promote understanding of the program and help to ensure that everyone trusts that MPG will benefit the school, the staff, and the students. Please contact for more information.