EiE Resources

Here’s a collection of software, tools and links to get EiE going!


IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v7.20
The current EiE installation of IAR. Install and register to get a free evaluation license key – make sure you choose the “Kickstart” version which is size-limited (32kB) but not time limited. This is a big download and you may have some trouble if you try to do other things on your PC while it’s coming in. You can also get the latest version of IAR directly from www.iar.com.

EIE software pack
All the tools you need for embedded development (well, almost). Includes ANTware II, Nordic nRFgo, GitHub Desktop, Teraterm, Tortoise SVN, and FTDI serial port drivers.

EiE software installation guide v1_10
Installation guide for all EiE software.

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