Bronze $1000
  • Access to the MPG Industry-Student connection program.
  • Bi-monthly 1-page summary report of MPG status (plus attendance statistics and any photo highlights).
  • Invitation to the annual MPG wrap-up party and open house in your area (typically the first week of April).
  • Company profile included on the MPG Sponsor profile page.  Position on page is organized by sponsorship amount, sponsorship duration, alphabetical (ranking is top to bottom).
  • Acknowledgment at all MPG events (open house, wrap-up party, student promotions, etc.)
  • Customized referrals of excellent students identified during MPG.
  • 50% discount on all Engenuics Maker Space memberships. ($250 value)
Silver $2500

Including all previous benefits plus:

  • Company logo in sponsorship box on all MPG web pages.  Sponsor logos loop continuously and are linked to the company profile page.
  • Assistance with creating student projects and 4-month work terms including help with NSERC grant applications.
  • 25% discount on Engenuics’ Embedded Boot Camp course (up to 3 people)
Gold $5000

Including all previous benefits plus:

  • Company logo on printed MPG in-school promotional signage.
  • Company logo printed on MPG bursary novelty cheques.
  • 50% discount on Engenuics’ Altium Designer and Embedded Boot Camp courses (up to 3 people each) OR special rate for onsite training (up to 6 people).

Including all previous benefits plus:

  • Option (as available) for company logo printed on MPG development boards.
  • Option to include company technology in the MPG program.
  • Assistance with creating an employee volunteer program including onsite “train-the-trainer”.
  • Connection to local MPG student group, or assistance to create one if it does not already exist.

* Please contact for sponsorship amount

To sign-up for sponsorship or further information about the sponsorship packages please contact 778-351-0153 / info@engenuics.com