MPG for Industry

Since MPG started way back in 2000, the program has striven to provide a unique, win-win relationship between academics and industry.  We want to see companies realize benefits from MPG and create more opportunities for you and accountability for us. We have exciting initiatives and a clear sponsorship definition starting with free Member status that still has significant benefits. As always, any revenues the program earns are 100% reinvested.

Your investment begins by simply tuning in to MPG. As a Member, you may attend the local mixers, access our one-page status reports, and browse the Facebook page to see what students have accomplished. The biggest opportunity is to get involved with our new Industry-Student Connection Program (ISCP). Consider the timeline of a student’s undergrad:


The ISCP concept turns the archaic recruiting process on its head and connects outstanding students who have proven their interest and initiative over several years. It gives you the opportunity to essentially work with a student for nearly FOUR YEARS during their undergrad but pay a salary for just twenty months, eight of which can be offset by an NSERC grant. Top it off by supporting a useful Capstone project for your company, and you are creating engineers who are loaded with skills and contributing to your bottom line before they even graduate. We can even help you define a project, apply for the NSERC and train (or even host) your student(s). This is a tremendous solution for summer jobs and also 4-month co-op terms at some universities. It drastically cuts down on your recruiting costs and risk for co-op and new grad hires, while accelerating the development of great future engineers.

Want more out of MPG? Each sponsorship level offers unique benefits; every level has an offer to immediately recover your contribution through generous discounts on our great training services that integrate perfectly into the ISCP. Of course, MPG always welcomes new volunteers looking to develop communication and leadership skills and gain PD hours – we can even help you create a mentoring program within your company.

The vision of MPG extends far beyond what any document can capture, but we hope you are excited by this little glimpse. Please contact for more information or to request an onsite presentation of all the features and benefits that MPG will provide.