MPG Bonuses


MPG bursary program

Universities that are running MPG programs offer students an amazing experience outside of their regular core curriculum. The technical and social skills developed are extremely beneficial, but we like to add even more incentive for students to keep the MPG going strong. 2012 marked the first year of the MPG bursary program, where one award of $500 was presented to a lucky student at the University of Calgary in April 2013.

MPG aims to support roughly one $500 award for every 50 students in MPG programs across the continent. Bursary winners are jointly selected by the MPG Leaders based on outstanding students who have completed the requirements of the MPG program and presented at the MPG wrap-up party in April each year. To qualify, students must meet the criteria outlined here.

Good luck!

MPG on your transcript?!?

Universities are better understanding the need to produce graduates who are not only academically proficient, but are well-rounded individuals with rich experiences and life skills that go beyond a GPA. Some schools now offer a “co-curricular record” (CCR) that is a record of extra-curricular activities on the official transcript. The activities are carefully vetted and student involvement is approved to ensure the CCR activities are valid.

Three MPG positions are now available at the University of Calgary:
1. MPG Level 1 Participant
2. MPG Level 2 Participant
3. MPG Leader

To find out how to qualify, check out the position descriptions here or visit and search for “MPG.” Be sure to read the requirements to qualify for this credit – there are no provisions to credit you if you do not meet the criteria. Other universities are welcome to use these for their own CCR – please email for help! If your school does not currently have a CCR, we highly recommend you lobby them to get it — we’ll even help out if you let us know.

MPG Contributor $50

There have been some great projects out of MPG that we want to share with the community. Engenuics will pay you $50 to submit your project so we can feature it online. We won’t steal your idea, though if it is really cool and marketable, we will be giving you a call to see how we can work together. Full details can be found here.