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    Hi, sorry if I’m posting in the wrong forums, but I do distinctly recall that we were told to ask questions on the forum, and this looked like the right spot.

    I’m trying to go through the steps to get registered MPG level 1. I’ve forgotten some of the steps, and the instructions I could find on the forum are for before the first meeting (which has already happened).

    I remember the following.

    1. Apply for account on website (done)
    2. Purchase course for free (can’t find it)
    3. Purchase kit with coupon. (is that the 2013 level 1 hardware kit)?
    4. Something to do with our netlink IDs, but I can’t remember what.

    I’m a bit confused, so if someone could tell me what’s going on, I’d be grateful.


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    Jason Long

    Hi Tyler,

    You can purchase the courses at this link “”. However, I would like to inform you that the capacity for MPGL1 is full and we will not be taking any more registration unfortunately. However, we still have space in MPGL2 which is held on Wednesday at 5PM. Please register for MPGL2 and you can start attending tomorrow. Your instructors will be announcing how to order HW soon.


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    Thank you for your response.

    However, I am afraid that MPGL2 is very much not at a plausible time for me. Thank you anyhow.

    Perhaps I can catch you guys in a later semester. Do you know when/if you will be doing this again?

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      MPG runs every year. You might be able to squeeze in next term to catch the firmware session (you’d need a finished board — you can buy one, or you could still buy a Level 1 kit and get it done on your own time before January 15 when the second half starts). No guarantees there’ll be space, though…

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