Contract Design

Like many companies or individuals developing embedded systems products, you probably have a very long list of things to do and never enough time or people to do everything you want. Engenuics can help with the following services:

Custom Training Course design

Have a customized course developed based on your own technology and training needs. The completed course can be used in house, or Engenuics can deliver the course at an off-site location whenever you require it. Course delivery costs to be determined based on requirements. Proprietary information protected under NDA.

Quick-turn prototype PCB design, layout, and population

Need to test a circuit with a PCB? Engenuics can turn around a prototype design in just a few days. The design includes schematic capture, PCB layout and fabrication, part procurement and board population. PCBs are 2-layer copper only with no solder mask. Designs are priced according to fixed-cost based on the project.

PCB Layout

Do you need a PCB layout for a project, but don’t have the time or resources to produce one? Engenuics can produce multi-layer FR4 printed circuit boards with up to 100 MHz digital and RF to 3 GHz and impedance controlled traces. Delivery by design files, gerber, finished boards, or any combination thereof.

Embedded system design consultation

Tap into Engenuics’ knowledge and industry experience for advice on any stage of your project. Our extensive training and background in creating project development plans, reviewing technical designs and requirements, and managing projects from conception, through design, into production, and out the door will ensure you get the guidance you need.

Firmware development

Engenuics has expertise in assembler and C programming for PIC16, PIC18, MSP430, ARM7, and Cortex. We specialize in low-power, bare metal systems, but also code RTOS-based designs.

Production test fixture design and development

Automated test fixtures can save thousands of dollars in labour costs while offering high levels of consistent test coverage, data logging, and traceability for quality control. Engenuics can design, build and program automated test fixtures to meet product test needs.

Please contact with your project requirements and to discuss how Engenuics can help you achieve your goals.

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