EiE Firmware 1 School Starter Package


Are you ready to get EiE at your school? Take the first steps by purchasing this package of great electronic goodies!

The Razor Boards are your primary tool for the program and this package includes two so you and a friend can explore the technology and firmware while starting to prepare for your first day. Hone your soldering skills and build the 5V Portable Power supply — this activity is something you can do as a short event with students. The 5V supply is also a useful tool for marketing EiE as it allows you to power the board as you visit classrooms and show off the hardware.

The Blinky Board is the outcome of our free University Altium Tutorial that can also make a great term for EiE by itself. Blinky is also a great eye-catcher for posters and displays — it will last months in pulsed blinking mode and is sure to draw attention.

The package also includes two great tools that are a big part of EiE but will also be very useful to you for years to come. Use the USB-to-Serial port with EiE boards or for any application requiring a serial port, and use the ANT USB-M transceiver for developing and testing any ANT-enabled device including smart phones.


EiE Firmware 1 School Starter Package

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