Welcome to Engenuics Technologies

Engenuics is a unique embedded systems training, products and services provider. Our intensive training programs help engineers just starting their careers, or experienced professionals looking to develop new skills. We also carry a suite of developer tools from fundamentals like soldering equipment, to niche devices you won’t believe you lived without. Don’t have time to develop everything on your to-do list in house? Let our experienced team help you with your hardware and firmware design needs. Last but not least, the Engenuics MPG program continues to grow across Canada as we salute our roots and are thrilled to continue serving the community.



Engenuics offers a variety of courses covering embedded systems  hardware, firmware and software. Classes are specific, intense, and you will come away with new skills you can directly apply to your work.



You’ll find all of the tools we sell on our lab benches — we only sell great quality products that will stand up to daily use.



Like many companies or individuals developing embedded systems products, you probably have a very long list of things to do and never enough time or people to do everything you want. Engenuics can help.